AJWRC Protests in Okinawa

Date Oct 30, 2012 | Category: News & Announcements

To Prrime Minister: Yoshihiko Noda
17th October,2012

Two military servicemen were arrested for raping and robbing a woman in Okinawa. Looking back to other cases in the past, a 14-year-old Japanese girl and a Filipino woman raped in Februrary 2008, and recently, a Marine Corpse corporal was arrested for molesting a woman in August 2012. There are no words to express the outrage we feel. How many times must we repeat our protests against the U.S. military before we are heard.

Despite pledges made by both the U.S. military and the Japanese government to put a stop to such incidents, many sexual crimes continue to be commited, a state of affairs that shows, much like the continue deployment of Ospreys, that the Japanese government has placed a priority on strengthening its military relationship with the United States at the expense of the Okinawa people. We need to consider earnestly the discrimination and colonialist attitudes toward the Okinawa people that have led to this flagrant lack of democracy.

Military rule in the Japanese and the U.S. government has resulted in increased acceptance of violence toward women. Many sexual crimes, including the two sexual crimes in 2008, have not been tried in Japanese courts, and the soldiers were not punished. In addition, victims are rarely given any compensations. The U.S.-Japan-status-of-Forces Agreement has placed limits on Japanese jurisdiction in Okinawa, and consequent to this secret agreement, the power of the Japanese courts has effectively been relinquished. The attitude of acceptance sexual violence and the legal system which dosen't consider women's right make people being blind. The government can't notice many victims that are consisted of children and women in Okinawa, and also the government support the U.S. bases positively.

We can't accept the U.S. bases, and forgive any sexual crimes anymore. We demand fair investigations, severe punishments to the assaulters, and an apology to the victim. We also demand the government to reconsider The U.S.-Japan-status-of-Forces Agreement, and pull the U.S. bases and Osprey out of Japan.
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