Stop Revising Article 24 Campaign

Date May 18, 2018 | Category: News & Announcements

The Stop Revising Article 24 Campaign (24橢庍尹今六卅中平乓件矢□件) has opened its website (Japanese-only). Below is the address of the website and the partial translation of the participant recruitment page. Please send support to the campaign!

Homepage: Stop Revising Article 24 Campaign

As a result of the election on July 10, 2016, the supporters of the amendment of the constitution, including the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the Komeito Party, earned a two-third of the seats of the House of Councilors. Immediately after the election, the LDP is reviewing the amendment process as if the public has fully given consent to the issue. It is likely that the LDP will move toward the amendment based on its ﹉Draft for the Amendment of the Constitution of Japan﹊ published in the end of April, 2012.

The LDP may attempt to make dangerous changes in several articles of the constitution, such as revising the Article 9 which was the LDP﹊s target for a long time. Some that raise the greatest concern are the establishment of the ﹉emergency clause,﹊ which has a power to limit the basic human rights, and the amendment of the article 24, which emphasizes individual respect and gender equality in domestic life.

Although the Article 24 is not well-informed by the public nor has received enough social attention, the LDP has been consistently seeking for an opportunity to revise the article. Especially since 2000, the LDP would occasionally attack the article criticizing that it ﹍causes the breakdown of the family.﹎ The party﹊s purpose for the revision is also reflected in the draft of the preamble of the party﹊s constitution and the Article 24 that left family and social support as individual responsibilities.

The Article 24 abolished the Ie system (Japanese family system) that was established by the civil law of the Imperial Japanese era and worked as an institutionalized suppression and discrimination toward women. However, the article﹊s significance does not limit here; it provides an important constitutional evidence to fight against gender discrimination or gender based violence that exist in various forms in a household.

We, the executive committee of the Article 24 Campaign, are against the LDP﹊s constitution draft as it rejects individualism based on individual dignity; enforces gender roles; propagates the restoration of the traditional family structure or the Ie system; and strengthens heterosexuality norms and gender discriminatory practices.

Please join the Article 24 Campaign to protect our individual dignity from the LDP﹊s plan and clearly deliver to the society how the LDP﹊s change of the Article 24 will affect our daily lives. (Original)

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