Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center
150-0031 211,14-10,Sakuragaoka-cho,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
TEL:+81-3-3780-5245 FAX:+81-3-3463-9752

AJWRC office is only a 5-minute walk from JR Shibuya Station, Tokyo.
Direction from Shibuya station: Take pedestrian bridge from the West Exit of JR Shibuya Station to left (to a bookstore),
crossing under Metropolitan Highway route 246. Turn right at the corner of Kirin City (beer bar) across the road, and go up
the hill.
You will see a cafe and a tennis shop on the left hand, and turn left at the corner of the tennis shop into a narrow path.
Just in front of the tennis shop is the entrance of the Shibuya co-op building, where the AJWRC office is in room 211.
Don’t hesitate to call us when you are lost!

※Please contact us ( in advance before your visit to our office. 

Access for those who use wheelchairs or have difficulty in walking

Access on foot
Shibuya Station and each line provide accessibility including elevators, ascending and descending escalators, or escalator assistance. It may take some time for you to reach your desired accessibility and Shibuya Station is big, so please give yourself extra time to arrive at the AJWRC’s office. From Shibuya Station, you will go up a hill to our office and go down a hill to leave. Route 246 is the longest distance but the most gentle upward slope.

Access by bus
Shibuya City City operates a community bus called “Hachiko Bus” and it is a low-floor bus. Please take 【4-3】or 【31-2】Route from “Shibuya station’s Hachiko ticket gate” to “Shibuya Cultural Center Owada.” From there, please go in the opposite direction of Route 246. You will find “Shibuya Cope,” a building where the center locates right in front of you after pass Seven-Eleven.
Tokyu Bus Awashima Office: 03-3413-7711