Q. What kind of campaigns does AJWRC organise?

The AJWRC monitors cases and policies that may violate women’s rights, runs ad-hoc and long term campaigns, and conducts feminist research and surveys for advocacy purposes. We also participate in international conferences and debates. Over the past decade, the AJWRC has campaigned on numerous issues including violence against women, workers’ rights, gender equality in politics, gender-sensitive legislation, migration, environmental issues and free trade.

Q. How does the AJWRC network with women in Japan and across Asia?

AJWRC works with many women’s groups and civil rights groups in Japan and abroad in organizing campaigns. We are also interested in exchanging information and materials with other groups through publications and study tours. Also see links for some of groups we are working with.

Q. Does the AJWRC provide publications in English?

The AJWRC publishes a bi-annual English publication – “Voices from Japan.” This publication contains articles concerning women’s issues in Japan as well as information about the activities of the AJWRC. Back issues can be downloaded at free of charge. A publication in Japanese is also published quarterly. The AJWRC library also contains various English materials detailing women’s issues and organizations’ activities throughout the world.

Q. Who are the members of AJWRC?

The AJWRC accepts any one, regardless gender or nationality, who shares the values of our organization as a member. We currently have about 800 members from all over Japan and overseas. Members are entitled to copies of the AJWRC publications and admission to AJWRC events. Members are dedicated to providing support, information and net-working opportunities for each other.

Q. How can I become involved in the AJWRC?

You can become involved in AJWRC in many ways. You can join as a member, volunteer as a proof reader or translator, attend AJWRC events, subscribe to the AJWRC English publication “Voices from Japan” or help AJWRC by sending information and materials of your group, or by making donations. For more details, please contact