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AJWRC provides educational opportunities for general public to understand various issues with gender perspectives, and training opportunities for women to be better equipped with necessary skills and knowledge for effective activities.

Seminars and workshops

AJWRC organizes variety of seminars and workshops on various issues such as: violence against women, nationalism, economic issues, women’s movements in other parts of the world, feminist English, use of ICT, etc.
For the past events, see Record of AJWRC Activities


Women’s study tours

We organize women’s alternative study tour to exchange information and experiences with women’s and civil groups in other countries.

Past tours

January 2008 Guam
August 2007 Malaysia
February 2007 Pakistan
August 2006 North Korea
March 2006 Bey Area, US
November 2005 Korea
July 2005 Jordan
March 2005 Cambodia
October 2004 Hong Kong
June 2004 Thailand
March 2003 Okinawa
August 2002 Mongolia
August 2001 Korea
December 2001 Bangladesh
December 2000 Cambodia
December 1999 Malaysia
December 1998 Nepal
August 1997 Thailand
March 1996 Philippines
December 1995 Cambodia
August 1995 Malaysia


Lectures and training workshops

On request, we provide lectures and training workshops for youths, teachers, local governments and other groups that are interested in gender/women’s issues.