Friend Organizations in Japan

In the course of more than 30 years of activities of the AWA and the AJWRC, several groups to work for specific critical issues including the “comfort women” issues and migrant women issues have emerged. AJWRC works closely with these sister organizations as well as other women’s groups and civil groups.


Action Center for Working Women
A nation-wide network of women’s unions and NGOs

Asian Womens Empowerment Project (AWEP)

Children and Textbooks Japan Network21

Citizen’s Network for Japanese Filipino Children (JFC Network)

Femin-Women’s Democratic Club

Feminist Active Documentary Video Festa (FAV)

Freedom in School!


Japan International Center for the Rights of Child

Japan Network Against Trafficking in Persons

support center for migrant women and children who suffer from domestic violence.

Kintou Taigu (Equal Treatment) Action21

Our Planet TV

Single Mothers’ Forum

Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan

Women’s Union Tokyo