【Voices from Japan】No.01 Asian Tribunal on Women’s Human Rights, Military Base & Women, Situation of Japanese and Filipino Children


Publication Date: August 1995

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1. 5000 Japanese Women Going to Beijing
2. A Proposal from Japanese Women
3. Japanese Women’s NGOs Working Hard toward Beijing
4. Japan’s Economic Development and Women Yayori MATSUI
5. East Asian Women’s Forum: Declaration in Japan
6. Column: Women’s Political Participation in Japan
7. Asian Tribunal on Women’s Human Rights
8. Poem: Requiem for the Crushed Flowers ISHIKAWA Itsuko
9. Military Base and Women: Testimony TAKAZATO Suzuyo
10. Requiem to Women; June 23, 1995
11. Imperial Authorization of abduction, Detention and Military Gang Rape
OSANAI Tsuneko
12. Trafficking in Asian Women and Prostitution in Japan Yayori MATSUI
13. Situation of Japanese-Filipino Children
14. Asian Women’s ODA Watch Proposed
15. My War, My Pain TOMIYAMA Taeko
16. Minority and Indigenous Women in Japan Mieko FUJIOKA
17. Women of Japan INC. Mieko TAKENOBU
18. A Study of Violence by Male Partners in Japan YUNOMAE Tomoko
19. Sexual Harassment NIWA Masayo
20. Sexual Harassment on Campus: the Yano Case WATANABE Kazuko
21. Porn Watch SAKAMOTO Nanae
22. Men on Prostitution MIZUNO Ashura& TANIGUCHI Kazunori
23. Opinions: Women’s Movement in Japan: Looking Inward, Looking Outward
Debbie LUNNY
24. Opinions: Voice from Generation Y Club SATIRE
25. Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center