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2023/10/22 NEWS From AJWRC Statement on the attack on Palestinian civilians
2023/05/13 NEWS From AJWRC Advocacy / Campaign Advocacy / Campaign (News) Press Release Statement: We oppose proposed revisions to immigration law that exacerbate direct and structural violence against refugee and immigrant women
2022/04/05 NEWS From AJWRC Publication English Magazine
【Voices from Japan】No.36 From “reconstruction” to the Tokyo Olympics: A feminist perspective on what has been taken away
2022/03/05 NEWS From AJWRC Advocacy / Campaign Questionnaire regarding measures against gender-based violence and harassment at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics
2021/10/06 Event (Done) NEWS From AJWRC Event
【Report】7/23 Feminist Against Olympics Standing
2021/09/15 NEWS From AJWRC Advocacy / Campaign Press Release Statement rejecting “Gender equal” solutions that preserve patriarchal power structures and calling for immediate cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Games
2021/09/03 NEWS From AJWRC Publication Mgazine Current Number English Magazine
【Voices from Japan】No.35 Japan’s response to Covid-19: Feminist analysis and perspectives
2021/09/03 Publication English Magazine NEWS From AJWRC
【Voices from Japan】No.34 Fighting against persistent gender discrimination in Japan