【Voices from Japan】No.02 Japanese Economic Development: Feminization of Poverty and Ecological Crisis


Publication Date: August 1996

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1. Feminization of Poverty in Japan
2. New campaign to Change an Ineffective law:
Discrimination against women Workers in Japan Mami NAKANO
3. Feminization of Poverty in the Aging Society Yasuko ICHIBANGASE
4. [Personal Experience] Taking Care of the Elderly at Home Yayuki MUKOUYAMA
5. Ainu Women Speak out: the Situation of Indigenous Women in Japan
6. Korean Women in Japan Face Poverty KIM Puja
7. The Japanese Saurus Eating Up the Earth:
Our Over-consumption Causes Poverty in the South Junko ARIMURA
Ecological Crisis and Feminism in Japan
8. [Discussion] How to Integrate feminism and Ecology
-Confronting the Environmental Crisis yayori MATSUI, Etsuko KAJI,Junko ARIMURA
9. 40 Years Now- Problems with the Minamata disease Settlement Kimiyo ITO
10. The World Agricultural Crisis and Japanese Rural Women’s Challenge
Mitsuko HIKITA
11. No More Golf Courses! Nana MORITA
12. Stop the Export Nuclear Power Plant! Indonesia is the Target Asako HAMA
13.Mitsunishi Joint Venture accused in Malaysia:
ARE’s Case of Radioactive Dumping Kazuko MURATA
Search for Alternative future
14. The Search for Asian Women’s Alternative future Yayori MATSUI
15. [Report] Workshop on Asian Women’s Alternatives in Action:
Resistance and Change Dessa QUESADA
16.[Symposium] Search for Women’s Alternative Society from Feminist and Ecological Perspectives
17. Our Vision for the 21st Century: Critique on the Japanese Government Vision
To Create the Society Based on Gender Justice, Ecological Sustainability&
Global Democracy
Japanese Women in Action
18. Great Hanshin Earthquake views form Women Kazumi MORIKI
19. The Eugenic Protection Act Etsuko HORIGUCHI
20. Sexual Harassment Calls for Change Masayo NIWA
21. Towards Decriminalization
and Empowerment of Survivors of Sex Trafficking Mieko FUJIOKA
22. Women’s Struggle against US Bases in Okinawa:
Focusing International Attention on the Rape of a Young Girl Carolyn FRANCIS
23. “Thailand Prostitution Handbook” Taking Legal Action Yayoi OKURA
24. Child Prostitution and Child Pornography
after 40 Years of Prostitution Prevention Law Naoko IYORI
25. Military Sex Slavery by Japan Akiko YAMAGUCHI
26. [Report] Women’s Study Tour to the Philippines Yayori MATSUI
27. Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center activities: 1995-1996