【Voices from Japan】No.03 Sexual Slavery, Trafficking in Women and the Growing Revisionist Movement in Japan


Publication Date: October 1997

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[内容説明] 1. How to Look at Sexual Rights? Yayori MATSUI
2. Japanese Buddhism and Sexuality Junko MINAMOTO
3. Advocating Against Child Pornography in Japan Junko MIYAMOTO
4. Trial of the “Thailand Night Zone Guidebook” Takashi KURODA
5. Young Man’s attitudes Turn Conservative Tai HIKOSAKA
6. Study Group on Men and Prostitution
7. Why Men Buy Women Yuko YOSHDA
8. The “Comfort Women” Issue and Japan KIM Puja
9. Situation of the former “Comfort Women” Updates
10. Sexual Attitudes have Never Changed among Japanese Ex-Imperial Soldiers
11. Verbal violence by Conservative Women Hurt the Asian Women Survivors of Military Sexual Slavery Three Times Over Yayori Matsui
12.Letter to Mr. Nobukatsu FUJIOKA Koishi KIMURA
13. Japan refusing to Look at its Past Taichiro KAJIMURA
14. The Okayama Prefectural Assembly and its Position on “Comfort Women”
15. Winds Blowing against the Proposed Reform of the Japanese Civil Code
16. Urgent Appeal and Women’s Declaration against the Right Wing Historical View
17. Okinawan Women Fight Back the U.S. Military Base!
18. Alternatives to Militarism and a New Definition of Security
Women’s Unpaid Work in Japan
19. Japanese-Style Corporate Labor Management and Women’s Unpaid Work
20. Unpaid Work in Relation to Part-time Work in Japan Kazuko SAKAI
21. Family Business Agreements: The Dark and Bright Sides Masami SHINOZAKI