【Voices from Japan】No.04 Globalization and Women’s Human Rights


Publication Date: August 1998

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Impacts of Globalization on Japanese Women
Discussion: The Future of Women’s Workplace, How deregulation hits women in Japan
Deregulation and Women’s Labor Mami NAKANO

Social Welfare& Health
Structural Reform: For Whom and Foe What? Masayo NIWA
The Health Care System and Women’s Human Rights Masae FUSHIMI

Globalization from a Consumer’s Perspective Junko ARIMURA

Current Situation of Japanese Women in Agriculture Mariko ADACHI

Big Bang Program of Financial Deregulation Mieko TAKENOBU

Violence against Women in War
The International Conference on Violence against Women in War and conflict Situations
“History Cannot be Erased, Women Can No Longer be Silenced” Yayori MATSUI
The Tokyo Declaration

VAWW-NET (Violence against Women in War Network)
Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal in 2000, Tokyo

Sexual Violence, Media and Women’s Human Rights in Japan
Survivors Open the Way- Days at Our Shelter for Battered Women Keiko KONDO
Legal and Social Attitudes towards Domestic Violence Eriko HARADA
The Media and Women’s Human Rights Eriko IKEDA
From Feminism to Women’s Human Rights Debbie LUNNY

A Survey on Male Attitudes Towards Prostitution
Maligaya House Opened in Manila by Japanese-Filipino Children’s Network