【Voices from Japan】No.06 Beyond Nationalism-Women’s Perspective for the 21st Century


Publication Date: Autumn 2000

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Beyond Nationalism and Ethnocentrism
Women creating a violence-free new century Yayori MATSUI

Nationalistic Tendencies in Japan
The Problems of the Basic Law on the Cooperative Participation of Men
And Women in Society Michiko NAKAJIMA
The Governor of Tokyo Ishihara is a Proponent of Ethnic Discrimination
And an Advocate of Sexism- We Demand His Resignation! Yayori MATSUI
What kind of era do we live in? – Nationalism and Gender (AJWRC Symposium Report)
Against Hinomaru and Kimigayo – Live actively in our History Sayo KITAMURA
The Campaign Agaist the Legalization of “Hinomaru”
As the National flag and “Kimigayo” as the National Anthem Hisako Motoyama

Japanese Women in Action
(A roundtable discussion) women’s Movement in Japan: Present and Future
Women and Politics in Japan Mariko Mitsui
Ethnic Education and Gender Yang Jin-Kyu

International Feminist Networking
Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan’s Military Sexual Slavery
-An NGO attempt to restore justice for victimized women and to prevent future wartime violence against women- Yayori MATSUI
Women in Okinawa – Continuing struggle against the violence of US Military Suzuyo TAKAZATO
International Women’s Summit in Okinawa
– For Whom Is the Security Treaty? Makiko KUBOTA

Voices from our Interns
The Door I Found From AJWRC Chika WATANABE