【Voices from Japan】No.09 Women’s Resistance against War, Violence and Sexual Exploitation


Publication Date: Summer 2002

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Women’s Resistance against War and Violence
Japan Becoming a War State-Let us cry out against War with Women around the World Yayori Matsui
Succesful Citizen’s Campaign on Preventing the Adoption of the Right Wing History Textbook In schools
-Citizens Stood Up to Say “We Cannot Give This Distorted History Textbook to Our Children.” Sanae Ooyama
-Our “Common Sense” Appealed to Conscience of Education Board Members Misako Kikkawa
The Asian Solidarity Conference on Textbook Issue in Japan Michiko Saito
Would Japan Like to Leave Asia and Be Isolated? Foo choo Wei
Media Crisis: Nation’s Intervention and the Voluntary regulations Hiroaki Nakajima
Summary of Judgment of The Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal on Japan’s Military Sexual Slavery

Women’s resistance Against sexual Exploitation
Report on Pre-Symposium toward “the Second World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children”
-Let’s Reconsider Our Society’s Tolerance for Prostitution and Pornography Machiko Kaeda
-What is the Autonomy on Sexuality Women Have Been Seeking for?
Yumiko Ehara
Report on “the Second World Congress against Commercial sexual Exploitation of Children”
-To Eradicate Sexual Exploitation of Children Masayo Niwa
-The Yokohama Global Commitment 2001
The Problem of Buyers in the Sex Market
-“Enjo-kosai” (assisted dating), is the Problem of Male adults Rumiko Harada
-Supporting the Court Case against Men Involved in Child Prostitution in Asia Setsuko Tsuboi
-Change Sexist Society Before Blaming Men Minako Suzuki

My Feminism-Running along with Art and the Century Taeko Tomiyama