【Voices from Japan】No.12 Violence against Girls


Publication Date: Winter 2004

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Why Violence is Directed to Girls Masayo NIWA
Recent cases where young girls were victims of violence
The End of SHOUJO, or a Girl Rika Sakuma SATO
The Women in Girl Games and Bishoujo Games Kousuke TAKAHASHI
Sex Education in Schools Today Emiko SHIMIZU
Problems of the New Law Regulating Internet Dating Sites Hiroki GOTO
Gender and Violence Yuri MORITA
Sexual violence and Children’s Rights Yuki ANDOU

Recent Events in Japan
Gender Mainstreaming in Politics Makiko MATSUMOTO
Group Prostitution Scandal in China Masayo NIWA
Launch of Japan Network Against Trafficking in Persons Mina WATANABE
Launch of the Japan Society of Gender and Law Tomoe YATAGAWA
“Women’s Fund for Peace and Human Rights” Symposium Junko ARIMURA
Statement on Japanese Supreme Court Decision to Dismiss Final Appeal
Filed by Tomasa Salinog and Filipino Survivors of Japan’s Sexual Slavery
5th East Asian Women’s forum in Hong Kong Masao KOIDE

Women and Labor in Japan
Fight to Gain Gender Equal Treatment in the Workplace Kazuko SAKAI
Victory in the Case against Showa Shell Sekiyu Mitsue NOZAKI
Kanematsu Suit Loss Atsuko Kimura
Sumitomo Trial Compromise Achieved by Admitting Indirect Discrimination Katsumi NISHIMURA