【Voices from Japan】No.13 Are You Afraid to See the Concept of “Family” Change?


Publication Date: Summer 2004

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Round-Table Discussion: Are you Afraid to see the Concept of “Family” Change?

Interview with Ms. Sumiko Tanaka
15 years of Fighting against the Discrimination of Children born out of Wedlock
A Departure from the Emperor System Daiko SAKURAI
The Union of Non-Japanese Families in Japan Kazumi MORIKI
Demands for a Same-sex Partnership in Japan – Public Tolerance for Same-Sex couples Ikuko SUGIURA
Forming a New Community Mieko TAKENOBU

Women and Elections in Japan
The History and Future of Women’s Participation in Politics in Japan
Freedom of Expression in Elections Kenta YAMADA
People without Suffrage Nobuyuki SATO
What has Changed with the Emergence of Female Politicians? Mieko TAKENOBU