【Voices from Japan】No.14 Rekindle the Movement -Toward Beijing + 10


Publication Date: Winter 2005

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“Participation” overtaken by “Procurement” in this past 5 years  by Mieko Takenobu
“Joint-Gender Participation,” “Gender Equality,” and Domestic Violence  by Yukiko Tsunoda
Recitation Play “Sunflower – Overcoming Domestic Violence”  by Reiko Aoki
Ten Years after the Cairo Conference  by Yuriko Ashino
Malpractice at the Fujimi Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology  by Atsuko Konishi
Gender Gap in the Workplace  by Kazuko Sakai
The Second Lawsuit against Showa Shell Sekiyu on Discrimination against Women  by Yasuko Yunoki
Globalization among Grassroots Networking  by Kuniko Funabashi
The Constitutional Crisis of Women’s Rights  by Hisako Motoyama
Japan after the US Marine Corps Helicopter Crash  by Shigeko Urasaki
People’s Resistance in Henoko, Okinawa  by Etsuko Urashima
Against the Sexually Discriminatory Distribution of US Military Base Compensation Money  by Michiko Nakama
Women’s Museum of War and Peace  by Makiko Matsumoto
Political Intervention in the Media  by VAWW-NET Japan
Women and HIV/AIDS in Japan
Interviews: Living with HIV/AIDS
Deliberate Discrimination-Women’s Human Rights and HIV/AIDS  by Mary Gotoh
HIV/AIDS and Women in Japan in Statistics  by Nozomi Mizushima
Report from a Women’s Shelter for Migrant Workers in Japan  by Hisano Niikura
The Backlash against Sex Education and HIV/AIDS Issues  by Yukihiro Murase