【Voices from Japan】No.15 Trafficking in Women/ Gender and Disasters


Publication Date: Summer 2005

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“Trafficking in Persons” – What is the Issue for Whom? by Hisako Motoyama
Twenty Years of “Human Trafficking” – Experiences at the Women’s Shelter, HELP – Interview with Ms. Rutsuko Shoji
Actions taken by the Japanese Government regarding Trafficking in Persons by Aisa Kiyosue
Amendment of the Ministry of Justice Ordinance regarding “Entertainer Certificate” by Nobuki Fujimoto
In-between “Sex Work” And “Qualified Occupation” by Minako Suzuki
Living in Japan as an Immigrant Woman by Mardonia Nishimoto


Special eatures: Gender and Disasters

Beijing+10 – Women and Disaster by Kuniko Funabashi
Earthquakes and Women – A Look back on the 10 years following the Great Hanshin Earthquake by Reiko Masai
Experiences of Non-Japanese Women at the Great Hanshin Earthquake by Kazumi Moriki
Learn from the Power of Community and Women by Ayako Miyoshi