【Voices from Japan】No.17 Developing Our Communication Tools/ Work and Women’s Right to Health


Publication Date: Summer 2006

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Developing Our Communication Tools
Let’s Develop Our Communication Tools by Mieko Takenobu
Silence and Self-censorship of Mass Media by Rumiko Nishino
Conservatives Take Aim at Education by Yoshifumi Tawara
Textual Harassment in the Context of the Backlash against Gender Equality by Mari Kotani
“Onnagumi-inochi”: A Grass-roots Network Based on Mobile Phones by Shin Sugok + Mieko Takenobu
Screening + Watching + Creating Visuals =Renren Eiten Feminist Active Documentary Video Festa, A Mobile Feminist Film Festival Opens by Makiko Wakai

Work and Women’s Right to Health
Reproductive Health of Working Women by Kinuyo Kitada
Working Women Suffering from Mental and Physical Illnesses by Midori Ito
Women’s Clinic to Support Women’s Reproductive Health by Yasuko Ako

News in Japan
Who will Get the Benefit of “the Equality Law”? by Midori Ito
A Pregnancy Puts Off the Amendment of Imperial Household Law by Kumiko Suto
Filipinas Demanded Revision of the Japanese Nationality Law by Citizen’s Network for Japanese Filipino Children
Unbelievable Events Happening in Japan by the Conservatives