【Voices from Japan】No.19: The Convention Against Torture


Publication Date: Summer 2007

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Lobbying Made a Difference! – The United Nations Committee Against Torture Recommended
That Japan Takes Measures to Address Gender-based Violence by Hisako Motoyama
Executive Summary of “Violation of Women’s Rights in Japan” – Alternative Report to The UN
Committee Against Torture – 38th Session The Conclusion and Recommendations of the Committee against Torture
An Important Step for Women – Building on the Recommendations Made by the UN Committee Against Torture by Sharon Smee
U.S. House of Representatives Pass Resolution Addressing “Comfort Women” Issue

Remembering two “Comfort Women” – Lola Masing (The Philippines)
Remembering two “Comfort Women” – Avo Marta (East Timor)
Military Bases in Japan by Junko Otsuki
Police Abuse – A Rape Victim’s Second Torture
Layers of Victimization – The Sexual Abuse and Harassment of a Female SDF Official
Law to Widen the Economic Gap – Enactment of the Revised Part-Time Workers Law