【Voices from Japan】No.20: Gender and Exploitative Migration – Refugees and Trainees in Japan


Publication Date: Winter 2008

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Gender and Exploitative Migration: Refugees and Trainees in Japan


Refugees and “Trainees” in Japan – Unfree International Migration and Systematic Discrimination by Hisako Motoyama
Transformation of the Foreign Trainee Program by Sonoko Kawakami
The Distortion of the Foreign Trainee Program by Akira Hatate
Foreign Female Trainees – When there are no Japanese – by Chieko Kamibayashi
Discrimination and Human Rights Violations against Foreign Female Trainees by Naomi Hayasaki
Migrant Women as Working Subjects – a conversation with Leny Tolentino
Japan’s Refugee Policy – From Post-World War II to Present Day – by Hiroshi Honma
The Confused State of the Refugee Recognition System
Abuses of Refugee Women in Immigration Centers by Misaki Yagishita
This is a Psychological Torture – an interview with Donna Beltran

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