【Voices from Japan】No.21: Sexual Violence in Japan: Challenging the Criminal Justice System


Publication Date: Summer 2008

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Gender Discriminatory Criminal Justice System as Keystone for US-Japan Military Alliance
by Hisako Motoyama

Sex Crimes in the Japanese Judicial System: the Response from Police and Prosecutors
a dialogue between Mami Nakano and Tomoe Yatagawa

“Rape as Sexual Discrimination” Symposium

Documents Withheld on Abandonment of Jurisdiction in Cases Involving US Military

Sex Workers and Police: What Does Discrimination Permit? by Nozomi Mizushi


Police Responses to Domestic Violence by Juri Yukita

What Types of Support are Needed for Victims of Rape? by Masayo Niwa

[News and AJWRC Activities] Ruling on NHK Distortion of War Crimes Tribunal Coverage Ignores Political Interference
Discrimination against Children Born Out of Wedlock Found Unconstitutional
Japanese Participation in the UN Universal Periodic Review
AJWRC’s Position on the Government’s Response to the UN Committee against Torture