【Voices from Japan】No.22: Women with Disabilities in Japan


Publication Date: April 2009

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Women with Disability in Japan
The Disability and Women’s Movements: Crossroad of 30 Years
By Aiko Tsutsumi, Yukako Ohashi, Saeko Joduka, and Mariko Horiuchi

“A Small Desire” and the Reproductive Technology
By Azumi Tsuge

What Is Independence For People with Disabilities and Their Families?
By Yo Tsuchiya

Towards A System to Allow Independence For Women and Disabled People
By Midori Hirano

Exposing the Flaw of the Obstetric Compensation System from the One Who “Should Not Exist”
By Masayo Furui


News and AJWRC Activities
Promoting and Protecting Women’s Rights in Japan: UN Committee Finds Little Progress

Nationality Law Amended to Address Discrimination Against Children Born Out of Wedlock

Arrested Just For A Tour of Aso’s Residence?

“For women”—- A Cenotaph of Comfort Women” Has Finally Raised

Rape Case in Okinawa Dismissed in U.S. Military Court