【Voices from Japan】No.23: Tackling “Invisible” Women’s Poverty in Japan


Publication Date: September 2009

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Tackling “Invisible” Women’s Poverty in Japan
Security in Solidarity: as Women and Poor
The First Ever Women and Poverty Network Founded in Japan

Impoverishment of Women Caused by Gender Discriminative Policies: Market, Welfare, Family and Women in Poverty
by Chisa Fujiwara

What is a Social Safety Net for Women?
Interview with Junko Suzuki

Women Workers Caught in the Economic Crises
by Midori Ito

The Meaning of Living in Poverty for Migrant Women and Their Families
by Motoko Yamagishi and Leny Tolentino

Poverty and Women with Disabilities
by Noriko Seyama and Kumiko Usui

Women’s News from Japan
The New Foreign Resident Administration System may Torment Immigrant Women

City Councils Call for the Government Sincere Apology to “Comfort Women” Victims

Rightist Group Violently Attacked “Comfort Women” Exhibition

Japanese Government Paid $450,000 to Prevent “Comfort Women” Resolution in the U.S.

80% of Crimes by American Military Personnel Left Unprosecuted

Yet Another Sexist Remark from Tokyo Governor

Protecting Rights of Sexual Violence Victims in the Jury System

Major activities of AJWRC (April – September 2009)