【Voices from Japan】No.24: Public Women’s Centers: A Victory for the Feminist Movement?


Publication Date: April 2010

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Public Women’s Centers: A Victory for the Feminist Movement?
“Women’s Centers” —– Reflecting the Contradictions of Women’s Administration in Japan
by Reiko Aoki and Hisako Motoyama

National Women’s Centre Faces Administrative Streamlining

Programs at Women’s Centers in A Downward Spiral?
Preliminary Analysis on the Effects of the Designated Management System in Women’s Centers
by Nozomi Mizushima, Noriko Seyama and Akiko Yamazaki

Deteriorating Working Conditions for Female Non-regular at the Heart of Centers for Gender Equality
by Hisako Motoyama

Towards the Future of the “Women’s Centers” by Shin Ki-young

Statement on Functions and Management of Gender
Equality Centers, and Treatment of Center Staff

Women’s News from Japan
“Kyabakura” Hostesses to Form Labor Union

Unmarried Mothers Challenge Discriminatory
Tax Exemption System

Despite Revival of Public Allowance,
Single Mothers are in Poverty

Citizens Appeal to Publishers to Restore
“Comfort Women” Topic in School Textbooks

Supreme Court Upheld the Landmark Ruling on Wage Discrimination Trial

CEDAW Criticizes Japan for Lack of Progress
toward Gender Equality

The 2009 Yayori Award Presented to Guatemalan Women Against Military Sexual Violence

Major Activities of AJWRC (October 2009-April 2010)