【Voices from Japan】No.25: A Hundred Years Since Japanese Colonization of Korea – Feminist Challenge to Continued Colonialism


Publication Date: March 2011

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FEATURE: Feminist Challenge to Continued Colonialism
A Hundred Years Since Japanese Colonization of Korea
Introduction by Hisako Motoyama

Rethinking Japan-Korea Relations from Jeju Island:
AJWRC Organized Seminars and Study Tour

What Did Japanese Colonial Rule Bring to Korean Women?
An Interview with Song Youn-ok

Kimono and Colony:From Testimonies and Literatures
By Rie Mori

History and Meaning of the Chima-Jeogori Uniform
for Korean Schools in Japan
By Han Tong-hyon

When Will We Stop Sacrificing Okinawan Women
for “Peace” in Japan?
An Interview with Suzuyo Takazato

Racism in Japan: Exclusion of Korean Schools from the High School Fee Exemption Policy
By Risa Tokunaga

International Petition Call for State Compensation to “Comfort Women” Victims through Legislation

International Symposium to Mark the 10th Anniversary of the Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal

Human Rights Prevailed in Self-Defense Force Rape Case

Perpetrators Go Unprosecuted in Gang Rape Case

Government Failed to Abolish Tax Deduction for Dependent Wives

Vice Minister: “Japanese Women Are Happy at Home”

Lawsuit Challenges Japan’s Marital Surname Requirement

Nationality-based Discrimination in Compensation
for Former Detainees in Siberia

Governor of Tokyo Called Gay and Lesbians “Deficient”

The 2010 Yayori Award for Women痴 Human Rights Activities

AJWRC Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

Major Activities of AJWRC (April 2010 to February 2011)

AJWRC Youth Group