【Voices from Japan】No.27 Women in Okinawa: Resisting Colonialism and Militarism


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FEATURE: Women in Okinawa: Resisting Colonialism and Militarism

by Hisako Motoyama

“Women and Military” from Okinawa’s Perspectives;
Comfort Women and “Mass Suicides” in Zamamison
by Harumi Miyagi

Protesting U.S. Military Violence for 67 Years
by Suzuyo Takazato

Rage Over Yet Another Case of Sexual Violence by U.S. Soldiers in Okinawa
by Hisako Motoyama

Prostitution within a Base-Dependent Economy
by Akane Onozawa

Okinawan Women’s Reproductive Rights under Japan-U.S. Joint Domination
by Kayo Sawada

What the ‘Grand Narrative’ Leaves Out:
The Stories of Okinawan Women who Married American Men and Immigrated to the U.S.
by Wesley Ueunten

Women’s News from Japan

Abe Wants to Revise the 1993 Official Apology over “Comfort Women”

Photo Exhibit on “Comfort Women” Cancelled by Right Wing’s Pressure

Korean Constitutional Court Orders Negotiation over Compensation for “Comfort Women”

The 2012 Yayori Award for Women’s Human Rights Activities

Major Activities of AJWRC (March 2012 to March 2013)