【Voices from Japan】No.29 Hate Speech toward Women: A Discussion from the View Point of Gender


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FEATURE:Hate Speech toward Women: A Discussion from the View Point of Gender

By Mei Takahashi

Special Report
Deliberately Incited Discrimination against Women:
Gender-discriminatory remarks of public officials
By Nobuko Kamenaga

Fighting Hate Speech around the Comfort Women Issue
By Ban Chongja

Japanese Government on Discrimination: Issues of Discrimination against Korean Schools and Japanese Military “Comfort Women”
By Wooki Kim

Anti-Imperial System and Anti-Hate Speech 25
By Daiko Sakurai

So Much Hatred of Women:
The Link between the Homosocial Internet and Current Anti-Korean Sentiment
By Rie Kaiwa


Can Anyone See Any “Shining Women”?
— Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Policies toward Women

Doubts about the “All Women Can Shine” Policy in the Bill for the Promotion of the Activity of Women in the Workplace

In Opposition to the Construction of a New U.S. Air Station in Henoko

Revised ODA Increases the Risk of Diversion of Aid to Military Use

Japan gears up to Push Collective Self-defense

Amended Worker Dispatching Act Withdrawn

Japanese Government Decides Migrant Acceptance Expansion

Tokyo Assemblyman Hurls Sexist Jeers at Female Member

The Global Gender Gap Report (2014), Japan Ranked at 104 out of 142 Countries

Concerns about Responses to Cases of Domestic Violence and Abuse
— Ratification of the Hague Convention

First Mandatory Indictment for Sex Crime Declared Not Guilty

Reports on “Comfort Women” and Media in Crisis
― Attacks on the Asahi Shimbun

Damages Claimed for Hate Speech

The Final Yayori Awards Go to 2 Activists

Joint Statement
Protesting the Government’s Hasty Decision to Introduce “Foreign Human Resources for Domestic Work Support” and Demanding Ratification of ILO Domestic Workers Convention (C189)

Draft Release of Japan’s National Action Plan on Resolution 1325

AJWRC Youth Group Opens a Booth at Japan’s Leargest Music Festival

Major Activities of AJWRC: April 2014 to March 2015