【Voices from Japan】No.30 New Immigration Policies of Japan and Their Impact on Women


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FEATURE:New Immigration Policies of Japan and Their Impact on Women

By Mei Takahashi

The Hidden Side of the System of the Foreign Human Resources for Domestic Work Support
By Mieko Takenobu

Immigration Control Act Revision Proposal:
The Problem with “Reinforcement of Countermeasures against those Staying in Japan by Wrongful Means” and the Establishment of “Care Work” as a Status of Residence
By Yuki Maruyama

Will the Technical Intern Trainee Act Protect Female Workers?
By Yukiko Omagari

Problems within the Refugee Status Determination System for Asylum-seeking Women in Japan
By Manami Honda

The Story of Female Foreigners Living in Japan Interview with Jane Takeuchi


Civil Societies Strongly Protest for the Security-related Bills to be Abandoned

Students’ Protests in Front of the Houses of Parliament – SEALDs’ Activities

The Japan-Korea “Agreement” Made without the Survivors is not a Resolution ~Calling for Realization of the “Recommendations”~

A Recent Movement Calling for an “Anti-Discrimination Bill”

The Abe Administration’s “Education Revitalization” and Selection of Middle School Textbooks

“Active Participation of All 100 Million People”
and the Motion for an Undesirable Amendment to Article 24 of the Japanese Constitution

The Supreme Court Held an Oral Proceeding on Separate Family Names for Married Couples

Japan Launches 1325 National Action Plan Alterations in the Last Stage which Distort the Government/Civil Society Dialogue

AJWRC Information

A Statement in Protest of the Forced Passage of the Security Bills and Demanding their Repeal

Testimonies of Postwar “Comfort Women” Survivors

A Meeting to Require Proper Immigration Policies Held in the House of Councilors

Labor + Migration + Culture – A Hong Kong Case Study

Major Activities of AJWRC