【Voices from Japan】No.31 New Poverty afflicting Women ― In the Enhancement of Policy of the “New Ie (Family) System”


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FEATURE:New Poverty afflicting Women ― In the Enhancement of Policy of the “New Ie (Family) System

Opening note for this special edition
By Mieko Takenobu

[Dialogue] New Poverty afflicting Women
By Mieko Takenobu & Kaori Katada


Poverty Spiral among Women and Children Forced to Flee from Fukushima after the Nuclear Meltdown
By Chia Yoshida

Hidden Poverty of Women Living with Their Parents:Case Examples of Young Single Women
By Yuko Iijima

Foreign Migrant Women and Poverty: An Interview with Motoko Yamagishi Compile


Suraj Case: The State’s Responsibility was Not Recognized by the Tokyo High Court

Separate Surnames for Married Couples by Choice: Response to Japan’s Supreme Court’s Grand Bench Decision

Missing Woman Found Dead in Okinawa. Former U.S. Marine Suspect Arrested

The Release of the Concluding Observations on the Combined Seventh and Eighth Periodic Reports of Japan by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

Article 24 Campaign Begins to Prevent the Amendment of Article 24 by LDP

Sexual Crime Committed by Group of Five University Students

Lawyer Mikiko Otani Elected as a Member of the Committee on the Rights of the Child

Hitotsubashi University Outing ― Holding a Memorial Gathering for a Lost Graduate Student

Libel against Daughter of Takashi Uemura ― In the Ruling by the Tokyo District Court, She Won the Lawsuit

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Symposium Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center: “Peacebuilding in East Asia ― Networking by Feminists”

Gender Café
Give it some Thought: Taking a Cue from the Election in Summer 2016 ― What does “Family” mean to you?

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