【Voices from Japan】No.32 What did the Earthquake Disaster bring Women?


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FEATURE:What did the Earthquake Disaster bring Women?

Kuniko Funabashi

Six Years since the Great East Japan Earthquake:the New Horizon Created by Lobbying Activities
Akiko Domoto

Disaster Risk Reduction: Women Make it Possible
Kiran Bhatia

Living Under the Shock Doctrine
Mieko Takenobu

Human Rights Education for Women Missing in Disaster Area— Report from the Practitioner of Employment Assistance in Minamisanriku
Interview with Yuko Kusano

Becoming Stronger and Kinder: Carrying on Living in Fukushima in a Paradoxical Situation
Interview with Hatsue Munakata

Women Protesting the Construction of an Incinerator for Radioactive Waste
Nakako Wada


Asian Survivors of the “Comfort Women” System Visit Japan to Criticize the Japanese-Korean “Agreement”
Yuka Okamoto

Women’s March Tokyo Opens Up New Space
Karin Koretsune

Forced Sterilization of People with Disabilities:The Japanese Government Needs to Apologize and Compensate!
Keiko Toshimitsu

Aiming to Pass on the ‘comfort women’ Struggle to the Next Generation: The Kibo-no-Tane (Seeds of Hope) Foundation
Satoko Nagayama

AJWRC Information

Fieldwork Tour Report:Acknowledging Discrimination Against Women with Illness and Disability at The National Hansen’s Disease Museum
Talk by Yukako Ohashi

Major Activities of AJWRC: April 2017 to March 2018