Solidarity Message【Asian Women for Equality】

Solidarity Message【Asian Women for Equality】
Asian Women for Equality expresses our support for Japanese women who are against the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The Olympics worsens and causes various forms of violence and human rights violations against women, therefore, it immediately degrades all women’s lives. Having had the COVID-19 pandemic, the enormous debts left by the Games will cause a further difficult economic situation in Japan that will be used as rationale to cut public services which will put more women into poverty and increase the impact of sexism on women.

Global corporations put pressure on Japan to proceed and to pretend that everything is fine when we continue to be in a world-wide crisis of the pandemic. Furthermore, ignoring that Asian women’s health and well being will be sacrificed to provide entertainment, contribute to Western culture’s complacency about proceeding the Tokyo Olympic Games. Women’s health and wellbeing cannot and should not be sacrificed to provide entertainment and to profit for global corporations.

The Tokyo Olympic Games will be a catastrophe for women and consequently will lead all people of Japan to suffer, therefore, we, Asian Women for Equality call for the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Asian Women for Equality
Vancouver, BC CANADA

Feminist campaign against Olympic games