【Voices from Japan】No.08 Women and Labor – What is changing? How can we change?


Publication Date: Autumn 2001

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Polarization of Working women under globalization
– Search for a new vision Yayori MATSUI
Women and Labor in Japan
Women and labor in the structural reform Atty. Mami NAKANO
Dialogue with men: To abolish indirect gender discrimination
Based upon Japanese meritocracy
With Rof. Makoto KUMAZAWA & Yayori MATSUI
Gender roles and women in care work Chisaki SUNOHARA
IT education and women’s careers Reiko AOKI
The aims of the equal treatment action campaign 2003 Kazuko SAKAI
Changing the male dominated labor movement Midori ITO
Women creating jobs for themselves Ritsuko NOMOTO
PAPIE Printers: workers’ collective Akiko WATANABE
Gender statistics on employment and income

We Take Action against War
September 11th and feminists in Japan Hisako MOTOYAMA
A Call for global solidarity against global war Violence Against Women in War Network, Japan