【Voices from Japan】No.10 Revisiting Sustainable Development from Gender Perspectives


Publication Date: Winter 2002

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Seeking Sustainable Society? – The Spread Of Globalization And Militarization? Yayori Matsui
Redefining Sustainable Development
From Gender Perspective Hisako Motoyama
Regain Richness In Subsistence -Multi-Dimensional Approaches Against Globalization Interview with Koyu Furusawa
Toward Sustainable Labor System Mami Nakano
Investment For The future -Make A Donation Worth A Cup Of Coffee for An Earth-Friendly Future Sanae Sugiyama
Report from The 2.23 Symposium To Question The Impartiality And Fareness Of Public Administration
Thoughts On the Impartiality Of Public Administration
-What Is Going On In The Name of Gender-Equal Participation Reported by Chizuki Akaishi


Open Lecture Series “Nationalism and Gender”
What’s Wrong With Japan? – The Threat Of Stronger Nationalism Sugo shin
The Nationalism And Sexism Underlying Manga Kei Ishizaka
How Did The Final Judgement, Handed Down At The Hague, Adjudicate The Issue Of The “Comfort Women”? Rumiko Nishino