【Voices from Japan】No.34 Fighting against persistent gender discrimination in Japan


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Open the Black Box: Organization established to support Shiori Ito’s court case
Ching-ja Yang

Lawsuit filed by feminist researchers against House of Representatives lawmaker Mio Sugita to protest “anti-Japan” attacks
Kazue Muta

What was learned from the incident of discrimination against women at Tokyo Medical University
Yukiko Tsunoda

Restrictions against migrant women’s bodies during pregnancy and birth: Will reproductive rights within the new “Specified Skilled Worker” residence status be protected?
Makiko Ando/Sachi Takaya

Can W20 represent women?
Asia-Japan Women’s Resource Center/Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan

An assembly held one year after the sexual harassment case committed by the administrative vice minister of the Ministry of Finance: Calling for adoption of the International Labour Organization Convention by diverse victims in solidarity
Mieko Takenobu

The #KuToo (freedom of footwear) campaign: Stamping out sexist customs by focusing on shoes
Yumi Ishikawa

Unfreedom between freedom and sponsorship: The case of the
suspension of the Aichi Triennale 2019 exhibition
Yoko Shida

Big appeal for protest against the weapons fair at Makuhari Messe
Rie Kanemitsu

Reinforce the cornerstone of the women’s movement: Women’s March Tokyo 2019
Kari Tsushima

Make the Olympics history: “Anti-Olympics one year to go! International Get-Together!”
Kumiko Sudo


Symposium report: Feminism and transgender exclusion

Major activities of AJWRC: April 2019 to March 2020