【Voices from Japan】No.35 Japan’s response to Covid-19: Feminist analysis and perspectives


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Gendered impacts of Covid-19 in Japan: An overview
Hisako Motoyama

Invisibilization of dangers: What the pandemic and the nuclear disaster have in common
Nanako Shimizu

Fragile structure of women’s labor hit hard by Coronavirus: The high price of “diverse working styles” in the absence of a safety net
Mieko Takenobu

Novel coronavirus and the care sites: What will female nursing-care workers, who are at the front-line of saving lives, pass on to the future?
Asako Shirasaki

The reconfiguration of the gender order through handmade masks: Between handwork and science
Nozomi Mizushima/Akiko Yamasaki

Repeated discrimination against the sex industry regarding Covid-19 countermeasures compensation money
Sayaka Arimatsu

170 marched in protest against violence and exclusion of homeless woman
Hisako Motoyama

Major activities of AJWRC: April 2020 to March 2021